JUNE 1-30


that your thoughts create your reality and that the health of your body influences your happiness and longevity… you would make it your first priority to train your mind and strengthen your body.

So why don’t you? Stop finding excuses and start changing. I will hold the space for you. Work with your resistance, don‘t let it control you!

It‘s time to change old, unhelpful patterns and establish more helpful ones! It takes 30 days, a clear determination and a lot of repetition to establish a new pattern. This Routine is for those who really want to grow and are up for a challenge!


June 01-30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18:00-19:30
Weekends are days for resting and integration
Remaining days are for establishing your home routine

Min. participants: 6
Max. participants: 15
Costs: € 190,-


If you have any further questions read the FAQs at the end of this page or feel free to write us an E-Mail to . Other than that I’m looking forward seing you at the Routine!



We will use improvised movement to discover our physical patterns. Physical patterns always reflect also mental patterns. New ways of moving result in new ways of thinking which provoke new ways of living, meaning new things will happen to you. Allow yourself to be surprised!


How do you react to the unknown? Are you able to stay present when under pressure? Can you move on after you failed? How do you deal with frustration and exhaustion? Games and exercises train you to be present, curious, open, and creative. You will: Play. React. Act. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Challenge. Be challenged. Fail. Try again. Stay curious. Succeed.


The stronger and more flexible our body gets, the more resilient it is. The resilience of our body creates a resilient mind. We will do short sequences of dynamic movements, that not only train your muscles but also your balance and mobility. The stretching sequence uses long held positions to relax the muscles and get the most effective results.


To close the whole routine we will do a meditation relaxing your mind and body. The meditation will allow us to empty our minds and connect with our inner truth. Together we will discover and slowly improve the inner images we have about things like: ourselves, others, money, our past/present/future, our body, our profession, our highest potential and more.



founder of Breaking Patterns any many other projects, freelance graphic designer and passionate event organizer for personal development. I studied Acting in Vienna and dedicated a lot of time for dancing in Vienna, Argentina, Spain and Italy. I love to see the links between body and mind and how they influence each other. Movement in it’s different forms has been part of my life since I am little. Like it happens to many of us, a computer focused work brought me out of my moving habit for quite some time. Developing and keeping the flexibility and strength of my body and mind is a never ending process. But I love it.


This Routine only makes sense if you can at least come on almost all days. Of course we also have a life so it can happen that some of the days you just can’t come. This is completely your decision. But it’s more efficient (and already a first step to mastering your mind) if you come to all of them.

Not at all. Come as you are.

Comfortable clothes and a water bottle might be helpful. Other than that you will be provided with everything you need.

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